The green belt is a policy for controlling urban growth.

Certain additional restrictions apply to properties and land situated within an area of designated greenbelt. It doesnt mean that you cant carry out certain developments, and there are ways of gaining planning permission for larger developments with the right knowledge.

Land included in the Green Belt must contribute to one or more of the five purposes of the Green Belt set out in Planning Policy Guidance Note 2 (PPG2 Green Belts):

  • To check the unrestricted sprawl of built-up areas.

  • To safeguard the surrounding countryside from further encroachment.To prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another.

  • To preserve the special character of historic towns.

  • To assist in urban regeneration

RJG has lots of experience with various types of residential development taking place in the Greenbelt. One way of maximising the size of a residential development is being able to offer a trade-off. The below house example is a residential extensions and alterations project that utilised a trade off of garage space to be gain permission for large extensions and alterations to an existing dwelling.

rjg greenbelt before 1 rjg greenbelt after 1
rjg greenbelt building before 2 rjg greenbelt building after 2
rjg greenbelt building before 3 rjg greenbelt building after 3

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