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Certain selected areas and buildings that, for instance, may be of historic interest or located in an area of natural beauty are subject to more stringent planning legislation and gaining planning approval for various building works can prove very difficult for a family or developer wishing to build on land or even modify an existing building. With numerous buildings, even the slightest change in the look may cause the Local Authority to decline an application. Often, even an application for the improvement of a specific propertys overall look may be rejected because of the added restricting legislation attached to it.

Do potential buyers of property and land actively avoid these cases so that developing land and buildings proves easier for them to achieve? Or could it be that some people are actually attracted to these areas because they realise that it will be difficult for a neighbour to erect a building or extension that may be ugly or detract from the overall appearance of the neighbourhood?

For listed buildings, the restrictions in place mean that only minimal development can generally take place. Even the replacement of existing windows often requires listed building consent from the local planning department. RJGs general knowledge of the subject through past studies and various projects undertaken puts prospective clients in the best possible position for achieving their desired development.

Cowley Court is a previous girls school that in recent years has been converted into 23 apartments. RJG undertook 2 projects, 1 of which was replacement window programme.

rjg crowley court front view rjg cowley court 2D front elevation

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